Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer: December 24th (Christmas Eve!!)

It’s Christmas Eve!!

And it’s snowing again, which is always lovely. As of last Wednesday evening, I just knew we would have a white Christmas, but I still am such a little kid about it. Anyway.

Yesterday afternoon Nate and I went to my grandma’s house for food, fun, and presents! We had an excellent time. I am proud to say that my family enjoyed my toffee and fudge…to the point that I came home with almost none of either one! That’s okay, though. I can always make more, but this way I’m not as tempted by it, haha. And of course, we took cheese with us, too. That’s always the request. Still no cheese curds, but one of these days we’ll remember them!

Gift opening was great fun. We gave my parents and siblings a set of the Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray, which I let my youngest sister open; I seriously thought she was going to cry when she opened it! (I own the DVDs and took those with me when I moved out, so…yeah…I had to do the same with the Harry Potter DVDs last Christmas!) Mom and Dad also received a book of our wedding photos, which everyone thought was really nice. The other family gift was a book called Broken, by Lutheran pastor Rev. Jonathan Fisk. Both my sisters received face washing sets of all-natural ingredients. My brother received a Green Bay Packers wall clock.

Nate and I received a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, which we loved. He got two shirts from my parents, and I got a shirt from them, a Lewis Carroll and an Alice teacup from my one sister and a teapot pincushion from my brother. My youngest sister didn’t have her gift for me yet! I know I’m forgetting a few of the gifts already…but I’m still sleepy and I need to go finish my shopping for Nate’s family! Oh dear. Good thing Target is open. Nate said I should grab myself a peppermint mocha from Starbucks and enjoy shopping. He’s so sweet. I need to get a few more things for him, as well. Last night he opened one gift from me, The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Yes, we’re old souls and fans of British humour. 😉


I wish the house were cleaner and that Nate actually had the day off work, but you know what? He’ll be able to attend church with me this evening, and that’s the important thing. And we had almost the whole day yesterday.

No matter where you are, who you are spending your time with, and what your circumstances in life, I genuinely hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and that you never forget the Reason for the season: Jesus Christ, Who came down from heaven to become like us so that He could take our sins upon Himself and wash us clean before His Father in heaven.