New Year’s Eve: Goodbye 2012!

Obviously, the world didn’t end before Christmas. I knew it wouldn’t, because God tells us that no one will know the day or the hour that Jesus comes back. So I am quite willing to put my trust in Him and laugh at the end-of-the-world theories.

But now it’s New Year’s Eve! The year ending always feels like such a big event, doesn’t it? I don’t know why, but it does.

At any rate, it’s time now to list some of my goals for 2013. Yesterday I posted my book list, which is something I’ve been doing for a few years. Reading is my biggest passion. Writing is a close second. But I also have a passion for so many other things. My interests are incredibly varied, which always ends up meaning I don’t concentrate on any one thing for very long, which I don’t like at all. It makes me feel that I neglect my interests and passions, which is a terrible feeling. I’m not necessarily good at managing my time (though I have gotten better over the past few years), and then I try to do everything at once, and…well, that doesn’t go all that nicely.

Thus, one of my goals for the coming year is to manage my time better, in all things that I do. This just takes thought and willpower.

Other than that, I have set myself a goal of getting in shape. I don’t say back in shape because I was honestly never all that fit to begin with! I love hiking and camping and being outdoors, but I never really equated that with exercise. Plus, as I said above, reading is my favorite thing to do. So… But my husband is an outdoorsy kind of guy, and I really, really, really want to be able to keep up with him more so than I can already. And I ache all the time, so regular cardio exercise and stuff like yoga will help that! I really like the physical exercise of yoga. It’s more like strengthening than anything else, and that’s always a good thing. Plus it teaches you to listen to your body, and I think everyone would be a lot healthier if they could pay more attention to what their body needs instead of what they think it wants. Big difference right there. That leads me to my secondary goal under getting in shape: eating right. I eat pretty healthy food, as far as my actual intake goes. But the thing that I have a hard time with is that I so rarely eat at regular intervals. Eating breakfast is something I haven’t done regularly in years, and Nate doesn’t eat breakfast much, either. So I guess I should say that not only do I plan on eating better, but I’m going to help Nate to eat better, as well.

I have a few other goals, like sticking with a cleaning schedule instead of trying to do everything in one day, taking up knitting again, teaching myself crochet, playing the piano (and other instruments) more often, taking a walk every day it’s not gross weather outside, and doing more sewing projects.

Together, Nate and I are going to spend more time outside, as well as checking out cool places and museums together. We watch a lot of tv in the evenings, which is fine sometimes (especially if it’s Doctor Who, haha), but when the warmer weather and longer days come around again, we hope to remember more often that the outdoors calls to both of us. 🙂 Of course, we’ve been outside more in the last few days because it’s snowmobile season!! Gahh, I love it so much.

I realize this is an incredibly long post, but sometimes it’s hard to articulate exactly what you want to. Plus, I’m a writer. Oh yeah, that’s my other goal: write something every single day. Blog post, poem, short story, journal entry, fragment of a novel, etc. Just write.


Hopefully you have a fantastic end-of-the-year celebration with lots of champagne and laughter. Happy New Year’s Eve from us (Nate and Beth) and see you next year!


Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer: December 3rd

It’s dear hubby’s and my first anniversary!!!! I honestly cannot believe it has been an entire year already. He is so precious to me. ❤

Unfortunately for us, he ended up having to work basically all day and all evening. I was incredibly upset about this at first, but then I realized that we can always go out for dinner tomorrow night instead, and besides that, most of the nice restaurants in our area are closed on Mondays. There’s almost always something good in every situation. 🙂

As for today, though it’s 1:00 in the afternoon and all I’ve done today is catch up on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and drink coffee (well, and eat breakfast), I am now going to go put on a pretty dress, a bit of makeup, and bake cookies and do housework like the young homemaker that I am! Seriously, most days I don’t even bother getting dressed if I don’t have plans to go anywhere, since working and cleaning in my comfy pants is quite nice, but it being our anniversary, I want to make an effort. Besides, a girl likes to look pretty now and then.

In Christmas news, we went and picked out our tree yesterday afternoon! It is a Fraser Fir and it is lovely. I have to make room for it in front of the windows and then we will bring it inside and begin the hair-raising process of putting on the lights. (I hate it, but I’m actually pretty good at it, so the job falls to me.)

So, with the Christmas music turned up (gotta love Pandora — I have a “Christmas Carols” station that plays only sacred carols, none of that weird secular crap) and filling the house, it’s time to spread some holiday cheer. Now, if only it would snow…