Portrait of Me

My husband and I will have been married for one year on December 3rd, 2012. I cannot tell you how exciting this first year of marriage has been! As of right now, my husband is the one who works to provide for our little family (which is just the two of us and two kittens we adopted earlier this year), and I stay at home and enjoy being a homemaker. And I honestly do enjoy it. I have been (with the help of Pinterest!) finding many interesting ways to keep house and be frugal and healthy. I think I will begin posting more than just recipes.

One of my dreams is to someday live on a hobby farm with fruit trees, grape vines, a large garden, many outbuildings, and room for some animals. I love the idea of being almost completely sustainable. Though I am quite certain we won’t ever get to a point where we could be completely sustainable, it’ll be enjoyable to reach some goals. At present, we live in a small rental house in a small town that neither of us really wants to live in. The kitchen is entirely too small — I’m afraid to try canning anything because I fear there not being enough space to complete the canning process well. There aren’t enough kitchen cabinets, nor enough counter space. Ah well. We have a tiny plot for a garden, but I chose to use pots for a patio garden this year, though the heat we had kind of killed all my tomatoes.
I have become sort of a health and fitness nut in the past couple of years because I am not at my ideal weight so I am trying to shed the pounds. In the interest of perhaps gaining some support, I will post healthy recipes, yoga workouts, and other things along those lines. I will probably even include posts on Christianity, because my husband and I are both strong Christians. So, encouragement, tips, baby steps — all those things will be a part of this blog as well.

So this is more of a lifestyle blog than it is strictly a cooking blog. My husband and I are both persons with incredibly varied interests, and this blog is definitely going to reflect that. I hope you enjoy my posts!


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