Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer: December 18th (Gifting Craziness!!!)

Who is finished with their Christmas shopping? Not this girl. I mean, I ordered a few gifts from Amazon for my family (Amazon Prime is the best ever, by the way.), but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. My friends and I haven’t really given each other gifts in recent years, so maybe I’m off the hook there, at least for those I haven’t talked to as much this year. And the rest of my family…well, that’ll get done. I’ve always been a last minute shopper. I spend so much time in the first weeks of December thinking about what I want to give to people that suddenly it’s a week until Christmas and I don’t have any gifts!

Originally, I had been hoping to make most of my gifts, using Pinterest. But time got away from me. I have a feeling that’s partly because of the above reason and partly because I was trying to do too many things at once. (This is going to be way worse when hubby and I have kids…I can just see it now…oh the horror…lol.) Note to self: Don’t try to do everything at once because then you end up staring at the computer screen (or a book) and doing nothing productive. Which happens less than it used to. I do have my own house now.

So…I guess I’d better go Christmas shopping in the next two days. And grocery shopping. And I say two days because there’s apparently a snowstorm going to hit us on Thursday. Which I am greatly excited about, but it would be a good idea to get all the shopping out of the way. Then I can spend all day Thursday wrapping presents and getting the house tidy even though I don’t think anyone is coming here. Thank goodness.

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