Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer: December 12th


It’s the last time any of us alive today will see a repetitive date quite like this. Kind of weird, actually. Here in Wisconsin (and wherever there are Packers fans, I suppose!), it’s being celebrated as Aaron Rodgers Day, in honor of the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. I absolutely love it! I’m wearing my jersey and a number of other Packers accessories.

The temperature outside is slowly but steadily climbing above freezing. I’m not happy about this; the snow will melt and then there is supposed to be rain. Not fun. At all. The snow is so beautiful. Hopefully it will snow again before Christmas.

Not much to speak of on the Christmas front today. If you actually visit my blog, you’ll notice that I have a new theme, though. It’s not really anything to do with the true meaning of Christmas, but it is festive! I like festive. Other than that, I don’t have much to report. Things have been slow here. Well, for me. Nate works as usual.

Today I intend to work on my Christmas apron, go to the library, and maybe go to a resale shop and look for some old Christmas sweaters. And maybe actually bake those gingerbread men I’ve been thinking about for a week now…

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