Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer: December 4th

So far, so good. I have posted every day in December. Now, it’s only the 4th, but this is still probably as active as I have ever been on a blog of my making. Usually I start one and then think that no one could possibly want to read what I write…so I stop. Attempting to cross that bridge is difficult, but because I adore Christmas (as I believe I said in a previous post), I thought this would be a good time to try to form a habit of posting. (Fun Fact: I totally almost wrote “hobbit” instead of “habit” because I’m honestly stoked about that movie and can’t get it out of my mind!)

Anyway. December 4th. Hopefully this evening Nate and I will go out for dinner, since we didn’t get to last night. I have my outfit all planned out already. -dances- Sometimes, I am a fashion geek. Only sometimes. Like when I browse ModCloth. Oh my word, I want almost all of the clothes on that site. The dress I am wearing tonight actually came from Kohl’s, but it’s still totally adorable. It’s red with a sequined bodice and short flowy skirt. If I feel confident about my appearance, maybe I’ll post a picture. Can’t be too sure, though. That, and the only camera I have that really works is on my iPod and those photos suck.


That was a bit of a tangent and didn’t have much to do with Christmas. Sorry about that. Now for the Christmas update!

I did not actually get around to baking cookies yesterday, though I had the cookbook open. By the time I remembered that I was going to bake, I had to put the chicken in the oven for dinner! Oh well. That was fine because it tasted yummy and the whole house smelled like broiled chicken for a few hours. Not quite as good as the smell of gingerbread would have been, but still good.

There are now decorations strewn about the house. I put two paper chains on the ceiling in the dining area, but I will need a ladder to put up the rest because the ceiling slopes up. Will have to remember to borrow one. Once dear hubby gets home this afternoon, we will bring the tree inside. Then begins the dreaded process of lights….which reminds me, maybe I ought to test the ones we have. You just never know. Anyone else have that problem with Christmas lights?

Finally, let me share a link to one of the few secular Christmas songs that I truly love: Snoopy’s Christmas.

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