Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer: in which I attempt to begin a series

December 1st totally sneaked up on me. On Thursday was my 24th birthday, Friday night we celebrated, and just like that, it was December 2012.

Thus, in an attempt to begin posting with regularity on this blog, even though no one reads it, I am beginning a series entitled “Twenty-five Days of Christmas Cheer” and will share a bit of Christmas cheer every day until Christmas.

We have not gotten our tree yet. I am hoping to go pick one out tomorrow afternoon, in preparation for our anniversary on Monday. Very rarely does anything go according to plan here, but I can dream, can’t I? Also, as far as the tree is concerned, this will be the first Christmas tree our kittens have ever seen, so I’m thinking we will do something a little different so that there aren’t any breakable ornaments….

So, I will probably post about the decorations I make for our tree (and I hope I manage some decent photos!), various gifts I put together for family and friends, and what baked goods I whip up. Among other things. Like if (when) we get our first real snowfall (which I sincerely hope is soon). I’m sick of this warm weather and rain. Eww.

There you have it, dear followers. Now let’s see if I can hold myself to this.

I hope I can.

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