Sleepy Saturdays: after-Thanksgiving Blues

It seems that more often than not, I am sick over Thanksgiving. I catch colds easier than most of the people I know, and this year is apparently going to be no different. I caught a cold at the beginning of the week and felt rather horrible on Thanksgiving Day. Hubby and I went to my cousin’s house for food and fellowship anyway, and it was enjoyable, despite my awful cough. Last night was his family’s Thanksgiving dinner, which went a little better for me.

This morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I did, though, and drank a cup of black coffee and chatted with my mom on Facebook for a bit. That didn’t make me feel much better, but my dear mother-in-law is making me some of her amazing chicken soup, so I think I’ll feel better by the end of the day! I don’t know what she puts in that, but it’s soooo good.

So now I’m sitting on the couch, watching TCM and wishing I had a vanilla latte to sip. We’re out of milk, so I suppose that’s out of the question. Ah well. But hey, now Christmas Eve is one month away! Time to get my Christmas on! 😀

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