friday morning relaxation

What I like best about waking up on a cool, crisp autumn morning is the steaming pot of coffee that my husband has left for me. Coffee is delicious. I don’t even mind it black, and it’s healthier that way, too. Just 2 calories a cup. I love coffee, but sometimes my stomach does not. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s the drinking a cup on an empty stomach. Maybe it’s too strong. Black tea does the same thing to me, and so does soda, though I always figured I got a stomachache from soda because of all the sugar. Perhaps it’s the caffeine. That doesn’t really make sense to me either because I’ve never been that sensitive to caffeine. All I know is that some mornings, I cannot drink coffee. It’s depressing. I guess it’s a good thing I like tea of all kinds.

Today I decided to switch to green tea when I realized my stomach didn’t want the coffee. Green tea is even better than coffee, for obvious reasons. It’s also really delicious. Though you can’t steep it for too long or it gets quite bitter. This morning I am drinking Yogi Green Tea: Blueberry Slim Life. The stuff is amazing with the blueberry flavor. It also helps suppress one’s appetite, which makes it an ideal morning drink if one is trying to lose weight. I think you have to let it suppress your appetite, though. It’s all too easy for me to ignore.

With my tea I am eating two slices of homemade whole wheat bread, toasted. I put a little bit of real butter on each slice, as well. I love butter. Having married into a family that is in the dairy business (my husband hauls milk to cheese factories!), I can have all the butter, cheese, etc. that I want. I suppose I could never be vegan because of this. Well, and the fact that I seriously love butter. And cheese. But I haven’t eaten butter on my toast all week. I’ve put it in some of the foods I cooked, yes, but I didn’t just slather it on toast. Instead I used Smucker’s Spreadable Fruit. Gosh, that stuff is good! And at only 40 calories a scoop (a small one), I feel pretty good about it. Not to mention the fact that it’s fruit.

Today though, I used butter. Why? Because it’s Friday. I’ve been on my feet all week taking care of the house and cooking and baking and gardening. It’s what I do. Actually, I was more diligent about keeping house this week than I was all summer. (I’m positive the lack of 100 degree temperatures has everything to do with this.) So, today I am relaxing. Nate, my husband, left for work around 6:30, and I slept until about 8:00. After I finish my tea and toast, I am going to do the daily reading out of the Treasury of Daily Prayer, which is a fantastic resource for any Christian looking for a daily prayer routine. I prefer to read it with my husband, but I need some serious focus this morning, and there’s nothing wrong with reading it twice! Then I will practice my yoga routine, which is another fabulous way to get myself centered for the day. And, you know, it’s good exercise.

Granted, I am beginning my day rather later than I would like, but it’s Friday, and I’m going to take some time for myself today while Nate is working. Tonight he doesn’t have to work, so we’ll probably go out for a fish fry at one of our favorite bars. It’s a Wisconsin tradition, after all! In the meantime, I’m waiting for Advance Auto to call and let me know that the parts for our (well, his dad’s, but he told us to have fun with it) 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass S are in so I can go pick them up and put them in. Both Nate and I hope to take that out tonight.

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